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Clash of Clans | Hall of Fame - The Records of Best CoC Player

Written By Rivo Kumaseh on Tuesday, June 23, 2015 | 6:33 AM

Permanent Records
Mega MillionsFirst player to achieve 1,000,000,000 Gold Grab6 Nov '13Cloud Whiskey
Fort KnoxFirst player to achieve 2,000,000,000 Gold Grab27 Dec '13____icarus
D.E. MoleFirst player to achieve Heroic Heist8 May '13inigo montoya
Victor ValoriumFirst player to complete the first 51 achievements24 June '13inigo montoya
Victor Valorium IIFirst player to complete the first 60 achievements8 Nov '14Giogiogio
CenterariansFirst ever Clan-The Order
ExploiterFirst farming clan9 Sept '12Exploitation
Henry IIIFirst player to reach 3,000 trophies3 Oct '12TheTrueKing
Henry IVFirst player to reach 4,000 trophies28 Jan '13Jorge Yao
Big-HeartedFirst player to achieve 500,000 Friend in Need23 Nov '13tjj80
Donation GodFirst player to achieve 1,000,000 Friend in Need16 Jan '14Alex
200First player to achieve Level 2004 Aug '13Sneaky-Dave
250First player to achieve Level 25021 April '14Alex
300First player to achieve Level 30011 Feb '15Brandon
Robin HoodHighest Gold looted [multiplayer]1,443,000Lintu
Queen of RibenaHighest Elixir looted [multiplayer]1,447,000Alec
Bank RobberHighest net loot [Gold & Elixir]2,886,000Lintu
Townhall TerminatorFirst player to destroy 10,000 Town Halls5 Dec '13Brandon
Multiplayer MadnessFirst player to win 20,000 multiplayer battles24 Jan '14Brandon
Multiplayer LegendFirst player to win 50,000 multiplayer battles2 Aug '14Brandon
24/7 D.E.First player to achieve 10,000,000 Heroic Heist5 Feb '14Brandon
24/7 D.E. IIFirst player to achieve 20,000,000 Heroic Heist10 Feb '15Brandon
  • Note that the "first to max out Barbarian King/Archer Queen" record is before the May 2013 update. They now go up to level 40, but that record set is to level 30 only.
Breakable Records
Trophy AddictHighest ever trophy count4990


Oil SmugglerHighest Dark Elixir looted [multiplayer]7,800jeje9
OCD FarmerHighest loot per troop1,293,245SamsonJC
Stone Cold RaiderMost attacks won in one season25,555Brandon
King of ClansHighest clan trophy count48,605Mega&HassanWCB!
Mr. GenerousHighest amount of troops donated in a season600,000King Hanak
Mr. LeecherHighest amount of troops recieved in a season23,786rizza1234
Quick BarsMost total clan donations in one season3,958,849The 200 Club
Richy RichHighest amount of gems owned at once1,234,329Dracula
InsomniacHighest experience level302Haanz
InvincibleMost defenses won in one season8,015CALVIN
Mr. HumbleLowest Level Player in Champion League19The GodFather
Mr. Humble IILowest Level Player in Masters League13iiLightning~~
Mr. Humble IIILowest Level Player in Crystal League12iiLightning~~
War MastersClan with most war wins202高大爷
GardenerPlayer with most total obstacles removed2,410blarney
Wall WreckerPlayer with most total walls destroyed385,173Holykia
SniperPlayer with most total Town Halls destroyed46,126Brandon
Builder BusterPlayer with most total Builder's Huts destroyed101,821Xinert
Multiplayer OverlordPlayer with most total multiplayer battles won56,531Brandon
Living WallPlayer with most total defenses won12,684RealmOfRekoning
Donation FairyPlayer with most total capacity donated3,838,132Brandon
Mortar MasherPlayer with most total Mortars destroyed43,322Nima
Dark LordPlayer with most total Dark Elixir looted20,858,172Brandon
Crossbow CrusherPlayer with most total X-Bows destroyed21,589B0ssh0gg
Master of FlamesPlayer with most total Inferno Towers destroyed14.980Song dunn
Star ChaserPlayer with most total stars scored1,093razrukan08
War LooterPlayer with most total gold collected in Clan War bonuses196,333,258jbchen01
Achievement by Town Hall level (9 to 2)
Notable NineHighest experience level [TH9]239VaRToLu:49
Golden NineHighest ever trophy count [TH9]4,594Loonionator
Notable EightHighest experience level [TH8]230[H]ellokitty
Golden EightHighest ever trophy count [TH8]4400♣SnipeThatTh♣
Strong SevenHighest experience level [TH7]143Savage Jasko
Golden SevenHighest ever trophy count [TH7]4390Sabrina
Sexy SixHighest experience level [TH6]100Brendon
Golden SixHighest ever trophy count [TH6]3,812Shadzar
Furious FiveHighest experience level [TH5]74TheFarmingKing; Vicious
Golden FiveHighest ever trophy count [TH5]4,061Zoepie
Fantastic FourHighest experience level [TH4]165renonv
Golden FourHighest ever trophy count [TH4]3,671winner
Tough ThreeHighest experience level [TH3]101~Chief Helmut~
Golden ThreeHighest ever trophy count [TH3]3,934Texas Nl mini
Tremendous TwoHighest experience level [TH2]24PelicanTacosToo
Golden TwoHighest ever trophy count [TH2]3,006PelicanTacosToo

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