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Investools – Basic Stocks 5 Step Investing Formula | ebook tutorial

Written By Rivo Kumaseh on Monday, June 15, 2015 | 3:00 PM

Investools-Basic Stocks 5 Step Investing Formula
A basic introduction to self directed stock investing, basic technical indicators and charting, long term vs short term trading, mutual funds vs ETFs and index tracking stocks…everything you need to know to advance to the next level (options and more advanced technical analysis, swing and trend trading, index options and spreads, etc).

This upload also have all 4 manuals used in the $20,000.00 plus cost Investools PHD program:
  • Basic Stocks (The 5 Step Investing Formula), Learn the basic principles every intelligent investor should know and the Web-based tools that have changed investing. Both experienced and beginning investors find out how to streamline the stock selection process and actively manage their investment portfolios. The 7-Step Investing Formula™ is a repeatable step-by-step approach.
  • Basic Options (The 7 Cash Flow Strategies), If you know what youre doing and follow a few simple rules, options are no riskier than stocks. In fact, in some ways they are less risky, because you can commit less of your money upfront. Learn a range of strategies—such as puts, calls, covered calls and LEAPs—that can create additional cash flow from your portfolio.
    • In the Basic Options course, youll learn the following:
      • The basics of investing with options and how to build a solid foundation
      • How to evaluate whether an option is overvalued or undervalued—a skill thats critical to your success with options trading
      • How to use Investools Online to become more proficient at forecasting and reading charts for short-term moves in the market or individual stocks
      • Specific option trading strategies and how to apply them for maximum potential return
  • Advanced Options (including index options), Move beyond the red and green arrows and learn how to use technical analysis and advanced charting techniques to identify investment opportunities, mini-mize ambiguity and increase profit potential in almost any market condition.
    • Youll acquire the skills and discipline to interpret trends and identify trading opportunities based on technical analysis and charting techniques, including the following:
      • How to implement advanced charting techniques
      • How to identify buy and sell signals from the markets price action
      • Which advanced technical indicators work
      • How to develop entry and exit strategies for the markets or stocks you want to trade using a variety of technical indicators
      • How to develop higher probability buy signals to increase your percentage of successful trades
  • Advanced Technical Analysis, Theres always money to be made. Learn how to prosper in all market conditions by applying simple and complex option trading methods like debit, credit, diagonal and butterfly spreads, index options, straddles and strangles. Find out how to control risk and develop entry and exit strategies for each trade.
    • Learn the following:
    • How to execute advanced covered calls, where you never have to buy the stock, yet still collect the covered call income
    • When to implement advanced option strategies, and which are appropriate in various market conditions
    • How to develop entry and exit strategies for each option trade
    • How to turn losing option trades into winners using option spreads
    • How to control your risk using option spreads
DVD 1 : Step 1 Searching for and Investment
  • Using a Pre-built Search
  • Navigating The List of Stocks
DVD 2 : Step 2 Fundamental Analysis
  • Analysis Phases 1 and 2
  • Price pattern
  • Volatility
  • Zacks report
  • Market tables and News info
DVD 3 : Step 3 Technical Analysis
  • Understanding Technical Analysis
  • Price charts
  • Moving Averages and MACD
  • Stochastics Indicator
  • Volume
  • Support and Resistance
  • Buying Stocks: The Green/Green Rule for Stocks
  • Selling Stocks: The Red/Red Rule for Stocks
  • Lake Play and Stop Loss Orders
  • Insider Trading
  • Insider Buying Search
DVD 4 : Step 4 Portfolio Management
  • Creating a Portfolio
  • Managing a Portfolio
  • Step 5 Industry Sector trends (Top Down Analysis)
  • Best & Worst List and Big Chart
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